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Growth-Minded Design Thinking

Our motto stems from Design Thinking Principles. It is a collaborative process in which decisions are made collectively, not individually. At Edgemont, we encourage all our members to voice and respect each other’s opinion and embracing their viewpoints. This is the first step to optimal strategizing.

Design thinking is a distinctive trait of our firm as we do not believe that there is a “one-size fits all” approach for organizations. No two-use cases are identical, so why should the solution be?

Why Choose Us

The EG Advantage

Our Mission

We help organizations gain competitive edges through market strategies that align with their distinctive characteristics

Our Approach

Our data-driven and creative mindsets allow us to build and test strategies without relying on "one-size-fits-all" templates

Our Commitment

We are committed to client success and are willing to explore all necessary avenues to achieve optimal results

Quality Standards

Whether it be operational management, brand development, or data analytics, EG strives to build roadmaps towards achieving organizational milestones. Every industry, market, and use-case is unique, so why should the strategy be the same?

Our business principles are what make us distinct in our space. Our focus is on quality as opposed to quantity, as client success is ours as well. EG’s purpose is not to bill clients, its to empower them through strategies that specifically benefit them, which we identify through in-depth research and analysis of their respective industry.

By partnering with EG, organizations can position themselves for long-term success.

Our ideal clients, or partners are:

  • Organizations with innovativeness, but seek strategic direction
  • Service providers seeking higher visibility in their markets
  • Organization's in need of digitization within their infrastructure
  • Organizations that rely on data insights to influence decisions

Creative Agency

Practices such as improvisation and plussing enhance creativity during a collaborative session. We welcome all our clients to participate if their schedules allow it.
Helping Businesses Achieve Success

Our Services

Operations Management

Brand Development Strategies

Data & Business Analytics

Platform Management

Best practices towards setting up and managing a reliable and secure Information's System towards a business operation

Graphic Design

Whether it is for a logo or a campaign, professional designs are a direct representation of a company's brand


Search Engine Optimization allows businesses to gain higher visibility rankings for related keyword searches


Reduce burdens of task-time through the application of reliable, efficient, and enhanced technologies

Social Media

Strategically engage with massive audiences on social platforms to generate company awareness and increase visibility

Competition Analysis

Identify areas of leverage through data analysis on the business practices of competitive threats

Blueprint Design

Designing an operational plan focusing on specific market opportunities, strategic direction, and execution methods

Campaign Strategies

Building campaigns that promote initiatives requires design thinking to ensure a strategic and targeted approach

Industrial Analysis

Gain data insight on the external forces that drive industries to better understand a business' position in its respective market

Metric Design

Setting company expectations through metrics is the first step towards accountability


Paying for advertisement space can be an effective approach if done optimally through reliable channels

Database Migration

Transferring information to a new cloud-storage system is a process that requires efficiency and precision when organizing data

Process Development

Design internal processes that help increase productivity amongst a company's workforce to achieve profit maximization

Email Strategies

Creating smart automated email campaigns by assigning activity-based triggers for personalized messaging

Resource Analysis

Weigh-in on how resources are utilized across an entire company and identify areas for improvement

Infrastructure Design

Transforming businesses by designing and implementing mature and cost-effective IT frameworks as digital solutions

Referral Programs

Incentivize a customer base through gamified programs to gain loyalty and trust towards a brand's mission

Factor Analysis

Weigh-in how a business handles external factors that affect the overall direction of its respective market

Skills Training

Train professionals on technical operating skillsets relevant in a modern business environment

Content Generation

Stay consistent at producing fresh material aimed at attracting and educating a greater audience

Strategy Analysis

Utilize vector graphs to determine the best strategic course of action (aggressive, conservative, defensive, or competitive)

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Strategy Design

Everything starts with collaboration. One person alone cannot do it as strategies need to be well-planned, prototyped, and assessed.

Designing a strategy often requires a blueprint to share with the client. Therefore, the ideal formula for success is a two-way commitment between EG and its clients.

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